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Creating a Greenhouse for Your Marijuana


Greenhouses are becoming more common architectural alternatives for marijuana plantation because of its lesser facilities expenses, easy expansion, a capability to captivate supplementary sunlight, and cheaper production budgets as compared with other indoor production facilities. But, there are numerous significant design fundamentals you must contemplate before making a greenhouse to avoid problems in growing the mold resistant cannabis strains and cannabis seeds.

The Perfect Location

First things first, know the advantages and disadvantages of the target location for your greenhouse because the equipment and the style of structure that’s best for your cannabis plants and yourself will also depend on these natural elements such as the outside temperature variations, humidity levels, snow loads, wind speeds, ultraviolet rays, and humidity levels.

Greenhouse Coverings

The configuration of your greenhouse covering is one of the most crucial decisions you need to carefully decide. Greenhouse covering makers offer various kinds of coverings but all vary with ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors graded by percentage. UV inhibitors are vital for reducing the degradation of the greenhouse's coverings and their innards. They also help in managing thermal transmission and extreme hotness of leaf surface since too much radiant or high room temperature are harmful to productive, healthy photosynthesis which terminates at temperatures beyond 75°F.

Cannabis plants need UV to generate THC and other terpenoids and cannabinoids. But, be aware that greenhouse covering can hinder THC production and be dysfunctional if you use the ones with maximum UV inhibitors. Again, as mentioned above, your geographic location plus the climate will be the deciding factors whether to use UV inhibitors to increase temperatures or to lessen the number of UV inhibitors for better THC production.

Controlling The Humidity

We all know what humidity can do on plants. Having it excessively can attract diseases and with insufficient humidity, you’ll dry out your plants which will impede growth. Like many other crops, learning the humidity level which is just right for plant growth is essential in creating a greenhouse. A marijuana flower needs low humidity level, but when it’s in the vegetative stage, it prefers a higher humidity level. Expert greenhouse producers can help you establish versatility in making designs for a greenhouse. There are a number of dehumidification units available in the market, and if your place is in need to add humidity misting systems, this can be an add-on into your greenhouse design.

Proper Ventilation

Greenhouse ventilation breaks down into two main categories:

  • Natural ventilation provides support for roll-up sides, sidewall vents, and roof vents
  • Artificial air ventilation needs mechanical systems such as exhaust fans and cooling pads.

Note that cooling pads are a bad option in areas with high humidity. Along with ventilation, many marijuana greenhouse planters install airflow fans inside the structure to take out unnecessary heat and spread air movement which is good for maintaining healthy marijuana.


These are some key elements you should be aware of when you’re planning to create a greenhouse for your marijuana plantation. Take your time to understand all the possible variables because if planned and handle accurately, greenhouses can off you excellent advantages especially in achieving rich marijuana production.

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