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Growing Cannabis: Managing the Temperature


The interest in growing marijuana has increased in recent time since the approval of cannabis and cannabis-related products such as CBD oil for medicinal use under the state law. One area of interest when talking about cannabis cultivation is temperature. Just like any plant or biological product, the marijuana plant is very much affected by the temperature that it is grown in.

Day and Night

Cannabis growers need to be mindful of the condition of the room where they are keeping their plants in order to achieve optimum results. A room where cannabis is being grown cannot be too cold, too warm, too dry or too humid. It must be set at the ideal temperature for the plant, which is 70-85°F (or 20-30°C) for when indoor lights are turned on during the day. At night, when the lights are turned off, the temperature can be set to a slightly cooler range. Temperatures between the day and night should be at least 10 degrees away from each other in order to ensure optimal results.

Growth Stage

Besides the time of day, the temperature must also be taken into account. For young cannabis plants that are still in the vegetative state, the room must be a bit warmer, preferably 70-85°F (20-30°C). For more mature plants that are in the flowering stage, temperatures can be cooled to about 65-80°F (18-26°C) in order to help the plant grow and develop into its optimal color and to have the ideal smell and trichrome production. Temperature control is very important in this stage as it is when the quality of bud is determined.

Temperature and Humidity

60°F (15°C) is considered way too cold for the cannabis plant. When left in an environment that is too cold, which results in humid air, the growth of the plant will be stunted, and prolonged exposure to too-cold temperatures might even end in the death of the plant. In extremely cold temperatures, the plant becomes vulnerable to molds or even to the reduction of photosynthesis. Though it is possible to grow the plant in these temperatures, it will never grow as much or as well as it could. Since cannabis is an indoor plant, it is much more susceptible to cold temperatures.

Temperatures that are too high, which results in dry air, on the other hand, usually won't kill the cannabis plant, but it does stunt its growth. In addition, when left in an environment that is too hot, the cannabis plant's potency, smell and overall quality will be reduced. Extreme heat also has the potential to leave the plant vulnerable to insects, root rot, mildew, water transpiration, oxygen deprivation and even reduced smell of the buds as the terpenes burn away.

With all of these in mind, it is evidently important to pay close attention to the temperature at which you are growing your plants. Get a thermometer, measure the room, check if the results match the optimal temperature, and adjust it accordingly in order to get the best results for your cannabis plant.

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