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Installing a Dart Board at Home


Playing darts is considered as one of the relaxing yet challenging recreational activity by both professionals and amateurs. Unlike other sports, this one only requires a dartboard and sharp dart needles which we call Darts Beasts. In order to play the game, the dartboard has to be positioned in an area that’s away from other objects and safe from unwanted accidents. Here are some of the tips in installing a dart board at home:

Assess the area you intend to place your dartboard

According to the rules, the throwing space should be 2.37 meters. In terms of the overall area, it should be 5 ft. in width and 11 ft. in height to ensure a smooth game. The area should also cover the number of players, the spectator, and the score board.

Apart from the spacing, you should remove other objects that serve as a hindrance and it should also be away from commonly visited areas to avoid unwanted injuries.

Check the flooring

Ideally, a mat for the dart should be available to protect the floor from damages like punctures and at the same time, protect your dart needles from breakage. However, due to budget and availability, some dart enthusiasts are finding cheaper and accessible alternatives to maintain a smooth gameplay like rubber mats.

Wood, vinyl flooring, and linoleum are highly prone to punctures, while tile, concrete, and stone flooring can greatly damage the dart needles.

See to it that the ground of floor is even

Make sure that the ground or floor is free from holes and slopes. Floors normally distort overtime, thus putting on the mat can compensate for the floor’s distortion.

Protect your wall

This is especially important for those who are still new to the game. Dart boards are not that big and wide enough to cover the entirety of the wall, thus you should install a protective wall to avoid puncturing it and the dart needles.

Hanging the dartboard:

Use the right hanging bracket and measurement

There are several hanging brackets available for each dart board, but the best bracket used for easy hanging and rotating is the U-bracket.

In terms of measurement, it is officially required that the bull’s eye should exactly be 5 ft. 8 in from the ground or floor. If it’s placed on top, you can measure the center of the bull’s eye from the dart’s hanger, then add this to the standard measurement of 5 ft. 8 in to take the exact height.

Pin the backing board disc on the wall

The counter sink should face towards you, then position the backing board just right on the back center of the board. Bolt the center hole followed by the other holes.  Make sure to secure the board in place to avoid unnecessary movement of the board in the middle of the gameplay.

Set the throwline

One of the most important parts of the game is having an exact guide of the throwline. The throwline must be marked 3 ft. wide and 7 ft. 9.25 in from a steel tipped board or 8 ft. from a soft tipped board.

You can make use of a tape, wood, or throw line sticker for accuracy.

In conclusion, installing a dart board game is easy, which makes it readily available for everyone who wishes to play the said game.

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